I have found an entry on the online catalogue and now I want to visit to see the item. What is the procedure?

The items included in this catalogue are held in various locations. Please ensure you have noted the RefNo (reference number) or Class plus title etc., and note the relevant repository and location. Access instructions for the Zibby Garnett Library, Lincoln Cathedral Library and Lincolnshire Archives are available on this website.

Why can’t I find what I'm looking for?

To search for an exact phrase, use double quotation marks e.g. "King Arthur".

Only the exact words used to describe the item can be searched, so if you have not found what you want please try other related terms.

There are many variations in personal names and place names so you may need to try searching for alternative spellings in order to find all relevant records. When making a personal name search, it is advisable to search only on the surname.

Use an asterisk or star to conduct a wildcard search: for example, Arthur* will search for Arthur, Arthurian, Arthurial etc.

Check the 'How do I use the catalogue?' help section, and if you still are having difficulty please contact the Special Collections Librarian.

Why can’t I see images of all the documents in the catalogue?

It is very unlikely that all documents will be digitised, however desirable that may be. If an item is digitised it may be included in the Image Gallery. The catalogue contains written descriptions of the documents in our archive and any digitised images from the collection are not full text, as yet.

How do I sort the records in the 'search results' hitlist?

By default, records are presented in RefNo order but you can sort the list of results according to your chosen field by clicking on the column heading.

How can I find out more information about an entry displayed in the 'search results' hitlist?

To view a full record description, click on any part of the entry you require. If you then want to browse the record in its hierarchical context (i.e. how it relates to other records in the collection), click on 'RefNo' again. Use the back button on your browser to return to the search results overview.

Why can’t some documents be ordered?

If the document is permanently damaged beyond repair, or requiring conservation it must not be handled and will be marked as NFP - not fit for production.

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