Lincolnshire poetry

Lincolnshire poetry has been collected since June 2015 and covers poets such as Sam Gardiner, Paul Sutherland, Robert Etty, Kathryn Daszkiewicz, David Lightfoot, Shirley Bell and Peter Ryde in hard copy and recordings. The university library has held and will continue to host book launches for their poetry.
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Steampunk photographs and archival material are being added to the Special Collections, largely as a result of Lincoln hosting the annual Asylum Steampunk Festival but also from a tea duel and convivial held at the University. Collections have been received from Martin Pinnick and Hazel Donnelly and photographs from the collection have been shown in an exhibition of Neo-Victorian and Steampunk artists in Newcastle's Discovery Museum, November 2016-May 2017.
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Lincoln Cathedral manuscript collection

261 medieval manuscripts range from 10th to early sixteenth century, including bibles, prayerbooks, commentaries on psalms and works of literary importance. Information from Rodney Thomson's Catalogue of the Manuscripts of Lincoln Cathedral Chapter Library (1989) are gradually being added to this online catalogue.
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Lincoln Cathedral Dean & Chapter Archive

The records of the Dean & Chapter of Lincoln Cathedral are located at Lincolnshire Archives but will be added to the University catalogue to aid researchers. These entries will cover:
  • Constitution and working of the chapter, such as statutes and royal charters
  • Records of administration, such as chapter acts and fabric fund accounts
  • Estate records such as manorial records, rentals and leases
  • Title deeds and cartularies
  • Court and visitation records
  • The dignities – The Dean, The Precentor, The Chancellor, The Treasurer, The Subdean
  • Episcopal records
To date only the statutes and royal charters have been added.
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The John Wilson Collection

This was collected by a father and son, both vicars and book collectors in the parish of Donington on Bain. Their library was bequeathed to the parish but when the diocese built a new vicarage there was no space for the collection. The books date from the 16th century to the nineteenth century.
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